Saturday, August 13, 2011

:: Random Facts

How many watches do you own?

How many people of the same gender live in your house?
Just me and housemate

How many chairs are in the room you are in now?
No chair

So tell us, what room ARE you in?
My bedroom

Is there another room like this in your home?
Yes, my housmate's

Is it a house?
Of course

Is there wallpaper in the room you are in?
Nope, i prefer plain

Whats your favorite miscellaneous item you own?
Let me think first....

Do you have a thermometer?
Erm, what purpose me to have that thing....

Are you wearing shoes?

Are you wearing the same clothes you were yesterday?
Hahaha. Yes because i'm still in pyjama

Are you wearing a ring?

Whats the last card our recieved?
Business card can ha?

Are you getting bored of this quiz?
A bit...

When was the last time you went outside?
Yesterday with officemate

Are you eating?
Nope lah because i'm fasting now

What color is your front door?
Wood color

Do you have a back garden?
I'm at strata now so how come i have back garden.

Do you own a car?
That car is my name but still bank still the owner

What time do you plan to have your next meal?
This Maghrib, break the fast

When was your last headache?
Now i get the headache to memorized when i got the headache

Are you listening to music now?

When did you have your latest drink?
During my sahur 

What was the last illness you had?
Last two weeks during bowling time

Finish ha? Oh, Thanks God! Time to washing...Daaa...See you later!

Me and sisters

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